Our mission is to provide excellent photography services.

Most buyers search for property and services online first. Therefore professional photos and virtual tours are
an effective tool for promoting listings and services.  You have an “open house” 24/7.

We best show your property using state-of-art digital equipment including wide angle lenses, pole aerial
photography (PAP) and high dynamic range (HDR) imaging.  These technologies provide a unique
perspective and enhanced views.

Photography is an interpretive process and we make every effort to portray the property in a flattering and
realistic manner appropriate for the client’s use.  Correcting perspective distortions are modifications that re-
create how the house is actually seen ‘in person’.  Color balance and saturation are subjective and
interpretive.  Power lines can be blend at a lower opacity.  Cameras see in ways that people do not.   We
create an attractive interpretation that can be viewed when the buyer is actually at the property, and have
them say, “This looks right”.

We have lived in the Gig Harbor WA area for over 35 years.  Our experience with photography and its use on
the Internet spans many years.  We offer prompt and courteous service.
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